The Problem

  • Chemicals polluting the earth
  • High cost of detergents/chemicals
  • Too much water wastage
  • Chemicals harming the environment, people, and animals

Our Solution

  • Safe & green
  • It's just water 99.83%
  • Clean, sanitise, degrease, disinfect and eliminate odor
  • Less labour, save money

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Our mission is for Glim to replace the use of detergents and cleaning chemicals worldwide, with our 99.83% pure water.

We want to change the world, so future generations can live healthy.

The very successful Glim products can replace all detergents, soaps, and cleaners for maintenance cleaning. It not only cleans, sanitizes, disinfects and degreases, it also eliminates odor.  You can just “mist” the bathroom after a deposit. Wow, no more smell. And free your home of all soaps and chemicals. Essentially Glim is the perfect eco friendly cleaner, as harmless as water.

Glim has very powerful cleaning effects, yet it is environmentally friendly. Glim is produced by a system with a unique Japanese patented technology. Even the so-called eco-friendly all purpose cleaners currently used in your home, are harmful to the environment and contaminate water as they flow through the drains, into our rivers and seas. Glim is different. Perfectly safe for your children and babies. It’s just water, yet so powerful.


The goal of our Glim partnership is to work as a team and make lots of money together.

Join the money making team. The average initial recoup on your investment is less than one year, i.e. you will have positive cash flow in the first year. This is truly an extra income opportunity for a home based business for which you do not need to go to seminars and training courses, anybody can do this “simple plug and play”. It is probably one of the best start-up business around, specially for the green minded people of this world. Users of Glim will become product evangelist very quickly.

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